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Are you seeking youth support?


  • Finding your identity
  • Peer pressure
  • Feeling sad/lonely
  • Bullying
  • Drug/Alcohol use
  • Gambling
  • Addiction to video games/movies
  • Starting a Social Life

There is no age limit to speak to the Sheikh! We offer the following services for youth

  1. Online Tutoring Provided
  2. Question and Answer Sessions
  3. Peer Mentorship Programs
  4. Youth Development Programs
  5. Sports Sessions
  6. Organized Camping Trips for Youth

If there is an activity you would like to suggest, please reach out to us. We are always open to new ideas!

  • Migration and urbanization often present new challenges for youth who are at risk of losing their traditional familial-social networks.
  • These networks are an important part of communities in the guidance of their youth.
  • Without that support, the youth may stray from the proper values of life and Islam.
  • At Islamic Deed, we offer guidance in several areas of development, such as academic, career-related, and personal.

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