Who We Are

Young people are the backbone of a society. Their participation in all aspects of society is very important.
Unfortunately, we see many youths being deprived of this. They have no or limited roles in decision-making processes or leadership programs at the local and national level. Islamic Deed was established with the focus of empowering Australian youth to be the best they could be through a series of programs which aim to empower the young men and women of tomorrow.

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Our Goals

We are going to create an environment in which every individual is cared for spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.
All our relationships will be based on honesty, respect, fairness and a commitment to open dialogue and transparency. We are passionate about delivering superior leaders and take pride in achieving this. We look to replicate success, learn from mistakes and develop the ideas, innovation and practices that will help us improve. We encourage individual ownership but work as a team. We value the expertise, individuality and contribution of all, working in support of each other and readily sharing good practice, in pursuit of shared goals. We take responsibility for our actions, individually and as a group. Every day, everywhere we look to make a positive contribution to the communities we work in and the world we live in.

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What Guides Us

Delivering for our Students & Communities
To earn the continued loyalty of our sponsors by consistently demonstrating why we are the first choice for quality, service, value and innovation. Developing our People & Valuing Diversity To recognize the diversity and contribution of our people. We create an environment that is challenging and provides the opportunities and support for everyone to develop, grow, learn and succeed.