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Do you need help resolving conflict?

Conflict Resolution

  1. Family Conflict
  2. Workplace Dispute
  3. Friendship Disharmony
  4. Economic Dispute
  5. Mediation is available for all above (online/in-person)
  • One of the greatest joys in life is being surrounded by your loved ones in a state of happiness and contentment.
  • A constructive family household is measured by the connection between its members, open communication and the ability to understand each other’s needs. An example is of a building with a strong base. The value of the building is based on how much it can hold. Likewise, the value of a family is based on how much support they can provide as the strong foundation of the household.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot always remain in a state of happiness. It is necessary to understand that with happiness, we sometimes experience sadness and hardships. However, certain families face extended grief and need support. This is where we can help the person take a step back from the conflict, to analyse it and deal with it differently.
  • Connect with us and be guided by the principles of the pure families mentioned in the Holy Quran, who are golden examples for our daily lives.

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