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Are you seeking Islamic guidance?

Islamic Guidance

            • How do I embrace Islam?

            • Do you need help asking for repentance?

            • Having difficulty focusing during prayers?

            • Questioning your faith? God? Religion?

            • Losing motivation fasting?

            • Seeking ways to improve your spirituality?

            • Desiring to return to God?

            • Attempting to memorize the Quran?

            • One on One tutoring?

            • Theological Training?

            • Jurisprudence guidance?

  • Islam is a complete way of life that can provide guidance in all matters. Therefore, we provide guidance in all aspects of life such as social, material, moral, economic, and cultural.

  • We consider all the rules and regulations that guide all types of interpersonal communication and relationships.

  • We offer guidance in making the most important choices that affect your life.

  • If you seek help, you will receive honest communication with fairness and propriety, accuracy of information, freedom of responsibility and constructive criticism.

  • Guidance and advice can help in self-development and moving forward in life. It can be merely to perfect communication or expand family network.

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