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Sheikh Hamze Nassour is an accomplished Islamic scholar and conflict resolution specialist with over a decade of experience in working with individuals, communities, and stakeholders from various organizations. He has delivered positive outcomes to households across the nation.

He spent over a decade in Iran attending Al-Mustafa University where he was nominated as Principal of Subtain Hawza and elected to be Director of Ma’sooma Institute.  His corporate qualifications include working as a General Manager for one of the largest multifaceted construction companies in Australia.

As an experienced mediator and consultant, what stands him apart from his peers, is his ability to provide consultation and advice in both the Islamic and Corporate sectors.

Sheikh Hamze specializes in Islamic marriage mediation, youth education and development. He is also an experienced business coach.

Sheikh Hamze holds a BA in Islamic studies from Al Mustafa University, an Advanced Diploma in Conflict Mediation, and he is also registered as an NSW Marriage Celebrant.

Sheikh Hamze humbly dedicates his time to serving the community in the best way within the Islamic perspective.

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