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Book a Civil & Islamic Marriage

Marriage Consultation

  1. Coping with COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. Relationship Advice
  3. Premarital Advice
  4. Disputes with In-Laws
  5. Financial Stress
  6. Blended Family Advice
  7. Communication Issues
  8. Infidelity/Emotional Cheating/Affairs
  9. Parental Guidance
  10. Insecurity within Marriage
  11. Anger Management

We offer specialized services and consultations for couples, including one-on-one and family sessions. We realize that not all situations are similar. We can provide services if you are not comfortable speaking openly in front of your partner.

  • Marriage is not a linear journey, but one that contains many expectations and sacrifices. The emotional highs and lows can become difficult to bear in our contemporary society, which presents an image of the ideal couple with an abundance of wealth, health and lack of stress.
  • We provide guidance and support throughout your marriage. Your case will be handled with a non-biased, genuine and confidential approach.
  • Acknowledging what is becoming difficult to bear and have a willingness to improve the marriage will assist in overcoming challenges and reducing animosity.
  • We can help you connect online to seek advice, guidance, or to simply have a trustworthy person there to discuss personal or other matters with.


All consultations, no matter the dilemma, are fully confidential.

Consultant Sheikh Hamze Nassour

Book a Civil & Islamic Marriage

What I need to know before booking an Islamic & Civil marriage

  1. Advanced Notice
  2. Age
  3. Identification
  4. Divorce Certification
  5. Death Certification
  6. Agreements
  7. Witness
  8. Wali
  9. Other Documentation

One month advanced notice: In accordance with Australian law, we require all couples to sign and complete an intended marriage notice with the Sheikh present at least one month prior to the ceremony. (The form can be downloaded below)

Age: The couple intending to marry must be over 18 years of age and must give consent to the marriage.

Identification: Driver’s license and a valid passport (Photo ID) or birth certificate is needed to identify the individuals consenting to marriage.

The above valid IDs are applicable for overseas clients. In the absence of these valid forms of identification, a statutory declaration detailing the inability to provide acceptable documents may be provided as a substitute.

Divorce certification: If either individual has been previously legally married, they must provide legal divorce papers and an attestable divorce certificate.

Death certification: In case either party is a widow or widower, legal documentation and death papers must be provided before the marriage.

Agreements: Dowry and financial matters.

All dowry and financial matters will be discussed prior to the ceremony date with the bride and groom, their parents, and the Sheikh.

Witnesses: A minimum of two witnesses must be present, preferably the fathers of both parties.

For the Islamic marriage ceremony to proceed, two witnesses must be present that fulfil the following criteria.

  1. Muslim male
  2. Over the age of puberty

However, if you desire a non-Muslim, male or female witness (over 18 years), this is only valid for the civil marriage. If you choose this path, to ensure the validity of the Islamic contract, the above criteria must be fulfilled. A total of four witnesses may be present (two non-Muslims, male or female, over 18 AND two Muslim males over the age of 18).

Wali (Power of Attorney): In Islamic teachings, the ‘wali’ is the representative or guardian of a woman presenting for marriage. According to Islamic tradition, it is not permissible for a woman to appoint herself a wali or give herself away in marriage; she must appoint a wali for this purpose. The following order is how a wali must be chosen:

    1. Father
    2. Representative authorised by her father (also known as a ‘wakeel’)
    3. Paternal grandfather
    4. In the absence of the above, the Sheikh can become a wali

Other documentation: Any needed documentation will be completed on the day of the ceremony to be signed by the couple and the witnesses as well as the Sheikh.

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