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Are you grieving and need help comforting?

Loss & Grief

  1. Feeling regret?
  2. Difficulty moving forward?
  3. Blaming yourself or others for your loss?
  4. Seeking answers on how to carry on the legacy of a deceased?
  5. Lost a parent or child?

We can help you connect online to seek advice, guidance, or to simply have a trustworthy person there to discuss personal or other matters with.

All consultations, no matter the dilemma, are fully confidential. 

We provide the following services on behalf of the deceased:

  1. Quran Recitation
  2. Majlis Azza
  3. Pilgrimage (haj)
  4. Ziyara to the Imams
  5. Daily Prayers
  6. Fasting
  • Grief is an inevitable part of life, one that each of us will experience at some point in our lives.
  • We need to allow ourselves time to mourn and process our feelings while reflecting on the example of the Prophets who came before us. The examples in the Quran help us understand how to bear grief and control our emotions, allowing us to move forward. Time is a gift that helps us move past the grief.
  • We offer comfort and strength to help you develop coping skills that will channel your emotional energy and aid in the healing process.

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