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    I would not like to disclose my name or where i am from but i am in need of guidance.

    I am a pakistani born muslim who comes from a relatively strict family. i have been talking to a white non-muslim online for roughly a year now. 6 months into talking to him online i recognize our conversation was not halal and was a sin. I will say that nothing about that was islamic. my mother caught us at that time and advised me not to get involved. 2 months later i did. He started reading the qur’an already and had plans to mett and imam to convert. we continued to talk and 6 months later he had spoken to an imam and was willing to convert as he truly believed in the religion. at this point my mom caught again, she swore that i was going to hell. I am unsure of what to do. i am in love with this man and want to marry him but i do not wish to lose my family in the process. In islam we value our parents and i do not want to hurt them. my mother said if i wanted to marry him even after his conversion, she would never support it and i would have to cut all ties from the family. she also mentioned how our community will say bad things to her and Allah will never forgive me. My options are very limited and i feel as if im losing my mind. on one side its my family and on the other its a man who i believe to be good and want to marry. (his parents are aware of his conversion wants and support it).

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